Filp Flop on “the Bridge for Nowhere”.. hum

Filp Flop on “the Bridge for Nowhere”.. hum

changing your stance on an issue should not be viewed as a flip flop,

Gov. Palin views were changed based on the ever changing over due project was well “over abused”.

If you bought an SUV like I did in 2000, and found that the continuing to drive
the 11 mpg Rover, was not in the best interest of my self or my immediate family,

then changing my mind on how I view SUV’s was not allowed,

I’d be still in my rover…actually sleeping in it….. because, topping off my tank was about $82.00 per every 2.5 days left me with a choice to change my view of the use of my SUV, and to continue BELIEVING in my little Rover at 11,000 uSD for fuel that year (x2 if I had kept it), is considered a FLIP FLOPthan I guess alot of us american have Flip Flopped this past year. Sales in SUV are DOWN and Cars are up.

So I think is is safe to think that if a person in offical office changes one mind, and votes differently then previous times that an issue come before them than this is good. A bad example of some one hwho doesn’t flip-flop is George Bush… we might not have gone to Iraq, maybe the surge would have been done earlier..etc.

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