Ok guys “mug sling” words, woman say something, she is “on attack”

Palin “Attacks” Obama, 37 million people heard this speech. Biden’s response was that he did not get any info on how the GOP would right the wrongs of the past and the details of their platform. Well I think that if he went back to listen to his own speech from last Wednesday, he would find very little remedy for correcting anything with in their platform.

Tax cuts for the middle class and other family living from paycheck to paycheck will not offer any relief. most people who need a tax break do not even file a full 1040 long form. tax rebates and credits are only go for families who OWN their homes… most median income families rent or sub-lease their home, and if they owe money to any federal entity, they will not receive any benefits from any tax rebates or credits due to the repayment process that is in place at the federal level.

I did not receive any rebates from the recent rebate program because I have not worked enough in 2007 (cancer related illness).

I also notice that Sen Obama team has not really place any rebuttal to the statement Palin made regarding his books vs. law writing abilities. hum

they said this GOP ticket would reflect more of the same , referring to Bush/ Chaney, well I do believe I SEE a big difference, Chaney is a tubby almost hair less man, and Palin is VERY tall and under that full head of hair, is cranium filled will SMART cells.(roflmaf)

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Filp Flop on “the Bridge for Nowhere”.. hum

Filp Flop on “the Bridge for Nowhere”.. hum

changing your stance on an issue should not be viewed as a flip flop,

Gov. Palin views were changed based on the ever changing over due project was well “over abused”.

If you bought an SUV like I did in 2000, and found that the continuing to drive
the 11 mpg Rover, was not in the best interest of my self or my immediate family,

then changing my mind on how I view SUV’s was not allowed,

I’d be still in my rover…actually sleeping in it….. because, topping off my tank was about $82.00 per every 2.5 days left me with a choice to change my view of the use of my SUV, and to continue BELIEVING in my little Rover at 11,000 uSD for fuel that year (x2 if I had kept it), is considered a FLIP FLOPthan I guess alot of us american have Flip Flopped this past year. Sales in SUV are DOWN and Cars are up.

So I think is is safe to think that if a person in offical office changes one mind, and votes differently then previous times that an issue come before them than this is good. A bad example of some one hwho doesn’t flip-flop is George Bush… we might not have gone to Iraq, maybe the surge would have been done earlier..etc.

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Chris Mathews has never asked “should a mother place her

— political ambitions”

I am watching Hardball right now and I am going to hurl my lunch on Chris Mathews.
Did CNN, CNMBC, MSNBC ask that question to Sen. Obama, Sen. McCain and Most important, to Sen Biden her actual VP rival in this election.

If so where and when… bring it on..

—- newbie fan of Pitbull’s with lipstik

By finnperkinsSeptember 4, 2008 – 5:48pm

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in response to the MSMBC coverage on GOv. Sarah Palin

I actually agree with Pat Robertson & Glenn Beck (never thought I think that much less place it in words), If you ask the question “is she able be VP with 5 kids”… that is sexist, did they ask Sen Obama, he has 2 kids, did they ask Sen Biden, he has several children also.

When Sen Obama half-siblings were brought up… the media barely gave it a once over, be fore it was toss to page 6.

the point most of us are trying to get our head around is that the use of nomenclature she, he, fist woman, first African American, man vs woman… is getting old, and trite.

“person” seems to fit… the best person for the job, or position.

with a poll rating of 80+ percent in her state even after the uprise in her own party along with other milestones, the state of Alaska is still in agreement with their vote.

No voters remorse, so why the flack because the cable media market, has beat up on Sen. McCain soooo much that agreeing with his choice for VP, would cause a bunch of “persons wearing acess passes”, to eat their words…one letter at a time,

So with nothing left to use to place Sen Obama back on top, they figure placing Gov. Palins Daughter front and center would make Sen. Obama family look perfect, well I beleive Gov. Palin’s family and John McCain’s family reflects the image of mainstream America than Sen, Obama’s family. This based on the fact that both McCain’s and Palin’s families have sons in military and children with special needs, and most of all they have show the ability to sacrifice for both with in their family and for the people of their respective states.

—- and I think that CNN and cmbc along with msnbc has place their big foot in their mouth and they do not want to admit that after ignoring Sen McCain for most of this years coverage, that when they did not have Sen. Clinton to picked apart, and Sen Obama was their obvious choice among their anchors, they moved on to McCain… Well McCain’s team played their ACE, and thank god someone {Gov. Palin) knows how to play REAL HARDBALL !

p.s.— I did not list Rahel Maddow or the folks at race for the white house because it seems this program and the RFTW know when to stand down and let the rest of the waters flow where they may.

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