On the on going Casey Anthony investigation…

base on the comments I am receiving, Ms Anthony has been already tired and convicted by the media.

I am not passing judgment, only offing another view of what might have happened.

1} hired a person to kidnapp the child, but the process failed when she could not find her parents to set up the ransom process.

2} accident that she could not change, but had only her odd-group of friends and club buddies to assist, since her parents were not available.

3} she did murder her child and pulled a random name from out of her a-double-s, and has been lying to protect this random person from the officials. { if this is the case, how could someone so clueless, get rid of enough evidence to keep the investigators at bay, even to the point of the officials offering immunity for testimony..humm]

the odds – I choose the following:

1 at 10 to 1
2 at 5 to 1
and 3 at 1-10


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  1. Sherry C.
    Sep 03, 2008 @ 14:24:16

    #1 at 10 to 1 odds. But what about the decomp in the trunk? And the hair that belongs to caylee? Then that questionable stain. #2 at 5 to 1 odds. But wouldn’t her friends rat on her by now? Or wouldn’t she be afraid of them ratting after they knew how she was? #3 1 in 10 odds. She very well could have had help. My bet is on George. When the gas cans were discovered he went and called the police to let them know it was a neighbor who did it. Why not say it was Casey? Could it be that when George opened the trunk, despite Casey’s adamency not to, that he spotted Caylee’s body? At this point in the investigation we could come up with numerous scenarios. I gave mine, for now. It may be different tomorrow. Perhaps everyone will be surprised at the scenario in the end.

    • Finn
      Dec 28, 2008 @ 01:26:32

      Let’s face it if their isn’t hair from my cat or me in the trunk of my bimmer then I would wonder if I had the right car. everytime a person does anything hair is there. it’s on our clothes and our furniture. based on recent findings from Dr. G, here in orlando, the body did not suffer any physical wounds or fractures, there for drowning is the mostly cause of death, and when I see the time frame in which Casey was getting ready in the morning of the 16th, between 8 to 11, a three year old can get just about anywhere. If casey was showering, then maybe just maybe, Cindy, George or even Lee was watching Caylee, and then realized with in a split second she was out the door an on to the pool. is is a viable theory.

  2. True Justice
    Sep 09, 2008 @ 20:34:57

    Finally finished a new web page for Casey Anthony http://www.HelpFryCasey.com that includes personal thoughts and a one-stop resource for all major media outlets that cover the ongoing story.

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