okay So the Casey Anthony case is

at best a witch hunt, Orange co, the one I live in. is nothing short of a department run by an over inflated ego of sheriff Barry, you know the same guy who form a consulting company that was [to assist homeland security at the local level] based on the trickle down effect of the war on terror at the local government level.

He paid himself over 45K using the funds appointed to our county from the federal level. do we have DOGS to sniff out that kind of death. the death of “self rightous war mongers”, who Disguise themselves in local policing levels, because they can carry over there agenda and disregard the actual reality with in their own citis, county level security risks.

I realize that a Child is missing and that she has no voice, but the local policing agencies are her voice and yet they have yeat to vet out all the leads. and media is not helping.

Casey has already been convicted by the media. the media has all but placed her in the electric chair.

I hope for the sake of Caylee that we are all wrong and that she is out of harms way, and that her delayed return is due to misguided fear by all involved in her disappearance.


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  1. david watson
    Aug 30, 2008 @ 20:09:24

    hey finn, get a clue

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