so what your saying is…

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The first part of the trip was a Senate trip. Iraq and Afghanistan definitely, though I’m not sure]

So who’s paying the bean counters to separate who pays the First part, removed from the second part, but related to the third part, but seems to be like the first part???

I’d go to dinner with 3 brains from work (WSJ) and it takes forever, I hope none of the accountants have “recount” duties on the vitae.

The options

  • A) Tax Payers in the respective states the Senators are from
  • B) All Tax payers because we are citizens of the World or I mean the United States
  • C) all the above.
  • Isn’t there guideline published and will the tax payer be able to see a report like the sec requires of a stock or mutual fund do.

    And is there an oversight group to oversee that non of our tax dollars go to pay for Sen. Obama’s campaign?

    “I know that I don’t look like the Americans who’ve previously spoken in this great city”…” get real Sen. Obama’s” I think BHO has a large family, I waiting for him to connect himself to the Mayflower, and I am not referring to the mayflower restaurant in Provinctown, MA…

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