so like the American public and media…

the look for who said it first, who made it first, and who claim victory first…
being first isn’t what i’s cracked up to be.

Like Sen. Obama, really isn’t the first African American to be a candidate for the Commander and chief, did we for get he did not received the amount of delegate needed to be the automatic nominee for the DNC, in Denver they will still do the roll call. And although he is saying and doing thing in the middle east as if he were already the nominee and the elected pres, but under our constitution we can only have one president, and even though I do not care for president bush and his methods (into madness), I do not feel that Sen. Obama’s actions are in the best interest of national security. if there ever was a time for Pres. Bush to speak up and do a little talking it’s now.

Back to the topic I started, Sen. Obama is not the first or will he be the last African American to run or be a nominee. I guess I am really up to here (pointing to my ears), with all this first stuff… If we ourselves stop segregating everyone, maybe the masses will follow into a cordial acceptance that no matter where you are from here you are and if you are qualifies then you will be hired or elected .

BTW – while I was watching the cnn specials about MLK and also the BBinAmer. I notice that MLK was wearing a rolex, back then they were about 600 to 700 dollars (I am not saying the watch is worth that), I also notice in old tapes of Bill Clinton, that he work a Timex. So if this person wanted rights for all then why did he seem to live a more elitist life style than the people he was marching for… brings Sen.Obama to mind also when I ask this question.

So if this presidential election does not involve race, then why did CNN and Soledad O’Brien air their piece during this election season… did the idea of these two programs never cross anyones mind in the past 20 years???

again I am just a realist… (race-Korean).

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