So what your saying is, the VP needs to be smarter than the Prez

So what your saying is, the VP needs to be smarter than the Prez

I notice all the VP vetting is bringing to mind the ealy days of the primary, when all the names listed as presidential candidates, are now listed as Sen. Obama’s short list.

My ask this most obvious question, “Who’s elephant in the room ?”

One I hope Sen. Clinton turns the position down, why, because I think that for lack of a better phase, “throw 18mil voters under the bus”. I think it’s another good-olde by network’s answer to try and appease the woman voters. Well, woman are not dumb, may I introduce you to

Gen. W. Clark, would be good, but he’s also better out side the circle, he can keep them honest.

Sen. Edwards, look North Carolina is not for sale, remember the primaries.

And this goes on, and on. I know it’s supose to be a short list, but ….

I made my sugestions, but with more thought placed on the subject, I have thought better of it and would like to place Michelle Obama on the ticket, why, so when she is vetted through the media machine, we as voters will not only see and read about the real michelle obama, but also jknow Sen. Obama too.
“the hand that rocks cradle rules the world, —- ask any african america son, his mother had the final word.


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