response to – MADDOW’s interview with Seymour Hersh

We are not ostriches’, lets get our heads out of the sand, dirt, desert,
where every just start reading and listening, this interview was great,
and his article is on target, better aim than, the persons hunting for Osama,

I really think Chaney missed his calling, but he never listens to his inner voice,
look at his relationship with is immediate family members. Insight to these
relationships usually will offer the foundation on how a person perceives
or renders a decision.

After leaving the Sr. GB administration, Mr. Chaney at the time had been offered
many job opportunities I think that the Muppets had held a position for him for
a awhile, but he had a different plan in mind. Mr. Chaney wanted to place his
himself where he could be just as equally influential behind the scene as
the hand that offer life the miss piggy, yet still be able to use a mirror when shaving.

So with a visa debit card, probably not his, on hand, he set out to win ( or purchase
what ever fell his way) , his parking space back, oh it just happen to come with perks
like a house and a military shopping spree.

I’d like to say that Pres. Bush knew of this sweepstakes entry, but I think he was
just a clueless s as Fozzie bear. but like any tv show, the characters know the score
by the 2nd act or in this case but the 2nd week in the Whitehouse.

So with this in mind, I am not surprised by the last 7.83 years, only by how long it took
for reality to set in. I guess reality does bite the hand that feeds it, the families who
believed in the cause their loved ones went off to fight for, the country singers who
stood against the “right”, only to be “left” behind (although we got a great song out
of them-not ready to make nice), and the men and woman of the arm services from
all the allies countries along side our own troops.

The everyone who now are caught between the desert sand and the Whitehouse,
house of cards that fell upon them as we here at home watch the next moving
van haul away another disillusioned employee from the Whitehouse, with the
ink barely dry from the pressing of their first edition take on what seem to be
a minority of the public knew but didn’t say because it seems that the constitution
s only availed to those who interpret the laws, not the ones who abide by them.


[Disclaimer – not affiliated with aar, trms, the Muppets, the Whitehouse,
or it’s past present employee base ]

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