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the courtship of Chelsea’s Mother. . . give me abreak ;-)

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To: Sen. Obama,

From, “Finn” Q Public

RE: My short list, for VP of the United States

Here is the ist

Arianna Huffington has been named one of Washington’s most influential commentators by both Newsweek and People. Her syndicated column appears twice weekly in newspapers around the country, including the Los Angeles Times, the New York Post, and the Chicago Sun-Times. She is a frequent guest on television talk shows from Crossfire to Politically Incorrect, and a contributing writer to Talk magazine. The author of seven previous books, she lives in Los Angeles and Washington, D.C., with her two daughters.

Rachel Maddow, obtained a degree in public policy from Stanford University in 1994. She then received a Rhodes Scholarship in 1995 and used it to obtain a Doctoral in Philosophy. in political science from Lincoln College, Oxford University.[2] Her political activism has focused on AIDS and prisoners’ rights, especially the prevention of the spread of HIV and AIDS in prisons. She is gay, and is an outspoken advocate for gay and progressive issues.

Johnny Cougar Melloncamp, he graduated from Vincennes University, a two-year college in Vincennes, Indiana, and took a job at a phone company in his hometown of Seymour, Indiana before deciding to go to New York in an attempt to land a record deal, which he finally managed to do in late 1975.

Last, and a Chelsea Clinton,  she is good at everything and it’s all because of her mother and father, I know you know who they are, if not keep reading, but click on the tab the say exit first, or you might just learn something, …like living with and open mind, heart and hand.

Why, you ask, why not. They all make sense, they all graduated college, they hall has more experience with our nations constitution and they all have live through classic America, immigrant, who rises to the top, because the status quo was not her cup of tea, an openly gay woman who has worked on campaigns against anon acceptance of aids in America, and the young man who after hitting the big-time with a few acute moves of the hip and a hear head hair to die for, came back home time and time again to work and help side beside with the residence of Bloomington, IN, to bring awareness to everyone that our farm lands are not only from growing our nations harvest, but it is also the soil that in enriches every heart that takes a step on our part of the earth.

Vetting on the VP spot, I feel that in order for Sen. Obama to convey a real sincerity for our nations needs, and place the both feet on the same side of the fence. I often felt I wasn’t giving him a chance, but I think of all the conversations I had with people I will never see again, mainly because I am no longer homeless and living in Dallas, yes, a college grad can be homeless, but that’s words I will save for a another day, I live in the BIG D for years, I voted for Ann Richards, A woman of substance and grit, with all the trimmings of a fine southern lady, she had ability to offer a soothing hand to those of us Texan who lest along during the saving * loan bust of the late 80s’, where is was normally to see a Mercedes in just about every 4th drive way, now, your lucky if there’s a car in the drive way at all, much less, a home to par it in front of.

And this is a tale that is being lived out everywhere crossed America, not just in bubble cities or towns shadows by skyscrapers; it’s in every zip code known to the postal service, every area code that you can dial.

So I ask that Sen. Obama place his Glory toned speeches and his brooks brother’s suits aside, and really reach out to us, not for a hand out, because we are last people he really should be asking money from. He should accept the fed. DNC funds for the campaign, ands show that he can EARN the trust of the voters who by there vote and not the elected delegates vote should place him in the White house. Because if he is the continue down this path of fake hand shakes and moot whispers (her ears or ours), standing room only functions will only infuriated the voter who knows their last paycheck, went from the company envelope to the feed store, the repair shop, the gas tank and the landlord, and that’s before the even reach their own front door (at home).

Everyone says that we have a choice, I had a choice and I chose Sen. Clinton. I am not really happy with the path the election has taken us down, but to say anything is better than McCain, well not really, because, If you look at this Sen. Voting record, (because he at least shows up to vote, oh and btw, is Sen. Obama being paid a salary from the state he represents, because he has a poor attendance records, and that leads to a proof voting record). Sen. McCain has voted on both sides of the room, even when it goes against his own party, because he Does live in the her and know, and I know he is pro-Iraq, but I also think that if His son(s) could avoid being over there he would do everything he could to make that happen, because like Ronald Reagan, he too has his own puppeteer, her name is Cindy McCain. She is a solid business woman and has her own outstanding vitae to prove it.

So please do not assume that because you are Demarcate, that you will win this election, because Sen., Obama, you will really show your age.

p.s., When spell checking this document, the MS word dictionary had Osama’s name but not Sen. Obama’s name. Hum I know MSN was republican right, but get a grip, or at least some real air. in Redmond,

signed Finn Perkins

author of www.fuzygenius.com (myspace page for Jack-o-Pawlik, her cat).


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